Home-coming gifts to Japan - Part 3 -

Home-coming gifts to Japan, again!

I've completely forgotten to get something for y family....

Anyway, this is to my friends.
In Japan, we have a girls group called "AKB48". AKB stands for one of the name of the city "Akihabara".
Here in Indonesia we have "JKT48". JKT stands for "Jakarta", as you guess.
These rubber bands says "I miss you", which is one of their songs. hahaha...


This is not a product from Indonesia. From Australia, I know.
Everyone in Japan loves TIMTAM, so my family should be happy with it.
Rp18,000 a box.


Ginger drinks make you warm, right?
It's so cold there in Japan. Hope it makes my family feel warm ☆
A pack named Braga costs Rp16,500.
Smaller one costs only Rp6,500. So reasonable!


They are so cute, aren't they?
Its diameter is about 25cm. Good size for my nieces.
Face is made with felt and nice touch. Only Rp5,000!
So surprising★


I will get shirts of Persib Bandung, which is a football team of Bandung city, for my dad, brother and nephew.
Then my shopping will be completed.

During my back to Japan, I will forget everything about Indonesia and concentrate on everything in Japan.

にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ インドネシア情報へ


Home-coming gifts to Japan - Part 2 -

At the end of this year our friends are visiting us so that we'll be busy.
That's why I've got to be ready to go home sooner.

Here are my choices to give to my friends.

Chocolate wafers. It costs Rp18,800 per box(20 pieces).
This is filling and I love it.

This is a ginger taste gummi candy.
The visitors to my (ex)office from Indonesia always bought this to us and we all loved it.
So now I know everyone loves this, hahaha.
Only Rp9,800 for 3 packs.
Ginger makes you feel warm so that this is a good gift when it's a winter time.

A few friends sent me letters, so I think I'll write them back with these pretty cards.
A clip made of cloth is on the card.
It's ok to through my message away, but don't trash the clip!
Costs Rp10,000 per card.

I imagined each of my friends when I was choosing these stalls.
Costs from Rp20,000 to Rp50,000. Hope they'll like them.

So cute, isn't it? Small tortoise broaches. Rp20,000 per piece.
Islam women use this for their jilbab.
This'll surely be good for one of the fashion accents.

Clothing with batik pattern for a tissue box. Rp55,000 per piece.
It's not a durable look, but actually it is. Well designed.

Lots of stickers!
The biggest one costs Rp3,000 per piece, smallest one Rp1,000.
Bandung sticker costs Rp2,000.


When we decided to move here to Bandung,our friends and workmates gave us a big love and the cheering
with every-night party, heartful message cards, a stuffed toy etc.
They really made us cry but feel happy.
That's why I feel; " Oh, it's not enough!".

にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ インドネシア情報へ

Home-coming gifts to Japan - Part 1 -

Gifts we bought at the Pasar Baru Trade Center.

Coin purse with batick pattern. Rp120,000. Rp2,400 per piece! So reasonable!
The heart shaped sticker "Terima kasih", which means "Thank you", looks so cute.

Rp80,000 for 2.
We will fill this with Indonesian snacks and take to each of the office we worked.

Rp20,000 for all.
You feel asian culture from them, right?



Rp110,000 for all.
I know! There's no Muslim friends !!
But they can use for cosplay, maybe.

Still plenty of time before going back home.
We will keep and keep go shopping!

にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ インドネシア情報へ