New Year's Eve in Jakarta !!!

Wishing all of you a joyful and happy new year!

We never thought we would spend a new year's eve in Jakarta if our friends didn't visit
here in Indonesia.

On the way to the Bandung station, the tai driver said;
"New Year's Eve in Jakarta? Fantastic! But I will drink alcohol with my mates tonight."
Islam people will enjoy a forbidden pleasure tonight?!
It raises our expectations for the night  .

We went straight to the Taman Fathahillah after we got off the train at Gambir station.


Ondel Ondel welcome us.


We enjoyed our lunch at a warung near the place and took a tea at Cafe Batavia, we visited
the Holand bridge, which is famous as " the place which makes tourists disappointed.


Soon evening come and we moved to the true destination for this excursion.
Soooooo many people in front of the fountain in the Sudirman street.


Suddenly everyone got excited.
What? What? What?
Wow, Mr.Jokowi is marching in a parade!
Too crowded that I couldn't take any photos of him.
At the time I heard a song which celebrates Mr.Jokowi. I never heard this sort of songs except
Asahara Shoko, who left his name as criimnal.
Jokowi, Jokowi, Tidak pernah korupsi~♪ ... I love this song.

Then we walked to MONAS to see fireworks at the time of year-crossing.
Here so many people, too!


We knew we would have no place to sit because only 1 hour is left before the new year...
However everyone near us scooted over for us. How kind Indonesian people are! Thanks a million !!

When we spend the new year together, any countdown? more fireworks?? play the trumpet???
We don't know why, but people in MONAS got excited most at around 23:30 and them calm down..
Nothing special at 0:00 of 2014.
Well, it's OK. I really enjoyed a lot anyway.


I'm jealous of people living in Jakarta.
Because they can enjoy such a wonderful event every year!
No one solemnly celebrates the coming year like we do in japan, but I like this atmosphere, too.

We will have to think hard where we spend New Year's Eve every year!

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The 11th Indonesian Festival in Nagoya, Japan


The 11th Indonesian Festival will be held tomorrow in Nagoya, Japan.
I had been living there in Nagoya before I moved here to Bandung and didn't know
this event until now.

Well, life is like this.

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