No PUSAT BAHASA UNPAD for this semester

Time passes so quikly, and 2nd year of our life in Bandung has started.
I hope our language skills, knowledge of survive and ability to adapt to Indonesian society will be much better and better.

Actually, today is the first date of this semester for Indonesian language course of UNPAD.
The place to learn has been moved to a campus of the university, so now it should be nicer to learn
the language.
I was really thinking hard what I would do, but I decided NOT to enter the course this semester.
Teachers and staffs are so friendly and nice. It's a lot of fun to talk with class mates.
So, why?

・Teachers often come late or don't show up to the class at all
・After the break time teachers don't come back to the class
・We students don't get the results of exams even we request for them
・Events notice always comes all of a sudden, so we cannot make a better plan
I felt it's not worth paying USD1.000 for it...

If I were still a student, maybe I would say "Wow! No class today!!" but now I know how hard to earn money...

From this month I take home lesson twice a week. And then, I will try to listen to NHK World Indonesia.
I understand it will be a good lesson to talk with people having my lunch at stall.
I try to improve my language skill little by little.

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Baking cheese cake with a rice cooker

Although almost everyone is not a Christian, everyone loves Christmas season in Japan.
Romantic dinner, presents, sweets...
I love Christmas, but am not really into that like other women.
"Arima Kinen", which is one of the G1 horse racing, makes me, "Yes, it's a holiday season now!".

On the other hand, my husband loves sweet events.

That's why I decided to bake a cake today, the Boxing day.


Cheesecake baked with a rice cooker! It's soooooo easy and yummy!
I remember everyone baked cakes with a rice cooker everywhere a few years ago in Japan.
Am I right?
I was also one of them and took a original recipe of a cake to my office.


Actually, this was a little bit different from the one I expected.
Rather a large baked pudding, not a cheese cake.
Maybe it's because of the ingredients I prepared.
No Christmas decoration on top... Too simple for the joyful season?

Never mind! This is so yummy!!!


I didn't buy any decorative products at all.
They were all more expensive than products sold in Japan.
About 90% of the citizen in Indonesia is Muslim. This means only 10% of the people are interested in
these Christmas goods.
Well, this 10% moves economy in this country. This reality makes me a little bit uncomfortable...

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"Sarubobo" will appear in the drama "Aishiteru"

Because this TV drama is a collaboration between Indonesia and Japan, I believe many Japanese
living in Indonesia cannot wait for it.
"Aishiteru" on Kompas TV on 28th.


Will you watch it?
Well, I couldn't say it for sure because I would go out at that time...until I saw the promotion!

"Sarubobo" will be on?!


Sarubobo is a traditional doll, special product in Hida Takayama. Sarubobo is a kind of charm.


"Sarubobo will be on" means the main character is originally from the place near my home town?!
Now I want to watch it!
I guess everyone agrees with the idea that you miss your hometown a lot when you are in a foreign country.

I hear the drama will be on sometime in January in Japan.
Does someone know exactly when? Which channel?
If it will be on TV during my back to Japan, I would love to watch it with my parents.

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Oh! No stalls anymore!

I love walking around the Kings Shopping Center.
One day I found out there were no stands at all on Jl.Kepatihan, where is located between
the Kings and Yogya Kepatihan.



Well, it's much cleaner now, but...

I loved this area so much. The Kings, the local shopping place, Yogya, which is a modern but still local department,
Pasar of bags and shoes and watches, and the stands on the street.
Everything was here in this small area.

I loved the less tidy world here, so I feel a little bit sad...
OK, beautiful green.. No, no! I know green is beautiful. But making better condition of sidewalks is first. Right?
Look, girls ( and we ) are walking on the driving road! It's NOT SAFE!
Maybe it needs parking space insted of the green. No more on-street parking!

In this country, how it looks is more important than its quality or function...

As one of the citizen in Bandung I want more cleanness, safety, and city function like public transportation, while I want the city to keep the good old Indonesian culture.
I know. You cannot get two. Maybe.

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